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Would you make ALL repairs before selling?

12 years ago

My house is very close to being put up for sale. I have a few minor, very trivial items that still need repair. I was wondering if these items SHOULD be repaired, or if they should just be left alone.

I was thinking if I leave them alone, it will give the buyer or home inspector something to comment on, I fix it, then they are happy because I am cooperating with them. Know what I mean? Or they may just leave it alone and I don't have to waste my time on it at all. I doubt these repairs are big enough to actually scare a buyer away.

1. I have two window blinds that no longer work properly. I have them pulled all the way up behind the curtains, so more light will come in. The pull chords are all messed up, and you really have to work with them to get them to come back down.

2. Garbage disposal is not working. This house has a septic tank, so a disposal should never have been installed in the first place. We never used it, but the renters did, and now it doesn't work anymore. Water still drains through it just fine and it doesn't really hurt anything just leaving it alone. This is a $300 repair, so if they expect a new disposal, so I will probably just credit them $300 instead of actually fixing it.

3. At gargage door, where concrete pad meets driveway pavement, a crack about 1 inch wide was appeared. I can easily seal this up with caulking so water doesn't get in there in the winter, freeze, and break up the concrete or paving. Maybe $10 in material and 1 hour of my time - big whoop.

4. One of the bathroom sink stoppers does not work as it should. We rarely NEED to keep water from draining out, so its never been a big deal to us.

5. Our windows tilt in so the exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside. Four of the widows have latches that are broken (thank you renters). You would not even notice this until you tried to tilt them in, and the windows still operate just fine.

6. This one could possibly be the "bigger" problem but still should not be a deal-breaker. One of the fiberglas shower/bathtub combos had a crack in the bottom which allowed water to escape. It was because it was not properly supported. I corrected the support problem and fixed the crack. I used a fiberglas repair kit on the crack. There is an obvious repair smack dab in the middle of the tub. It is purely cosmetic.

A. Do I leave it alone and let them see this patch?

B. Do I use some non-slip stickers to hide the patch?

C. Do I call bath-fitter?

D. Should I just replace the whole shower/tub?

The rest of the house is perfect, and anyone viewing it should be happy with what they see. I'm getting a little anxious to get this house listed, and I was just wondering how neccessary these repairs really were. I hope you understand what I mean, when I said it might be good to allow them to have something to comment on.

Any thoughts?

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