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Need Help with Sink Decision - Blanco vs Elkay

11 years ago

I have been need to pick a sink and for some reason I can't decide between these two suggested by willtv (thanks very much willtv!).

I like both of these because of the rear drain location and the fact that they are less than 10" deep. I went to Home Depot and stood in front of the kitchen models and decided that 10" under-mounted sinks are too deep/uncomfortable for me so I am trying to stick to shallower sinks.

One concern I have is that Blanco is 9" deep whereas the Elkay is 8". If I think 10" is too deep, is one inch less really going to make a diff? I think at 8" it does.

The Blanco is 2" narrower than the Elkay. Ideally I'd like to be able to work on both sides of the sink, placing plates or a small basin on one side and be able to use the other for a collander, etc.

willtv are you able to effectively use both sides of your Blanco?

Concerns I have about the Elkay are 1) water spots 2) price.

Somebody posted that the Elkay is hard to keep clean/unspotted. But isn't that an issue with just about any SS sink? The price of the Elkay is sticking in my craw. I calculated that if I were to buy new, I'd pay $162 more for the Elkay (I'm planning to buy a bottom grid and drain strainer with whichever one I buy).

I have seen neither of these in person which I suppose is part of the problem.

Thanks for any help/advice!!!


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