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Transitioning stair runner to wall to wall?

15 years ago

I am planning on installing an Oriental patterned stair runner up the main staircase to end in the upstairs hallway, which will be carpeted in a complementary, solid wall to wall carpet. I'm having difficulty picturing how the runner will transition to the solid wall to wall carpeting. Has anyone done this, and if so, can you show me a picture of how it looks? Does the runner end at the lip of the top step, or does it go over the top lip? Then where does the wall to wall begin? I would think if the runner ended under the lip of the top step with the wall to wall overlapping the lip, it would look odd looking up the staircase from the landing, seeing two carpets on the top step. I just can't picture how this would work, and because I have a very odd shaped hallway, I have to stick with wall to wall or I'd have runners all over the place!

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