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RECIPE: Your favorite recipe?

17 years ago

Your favorite Country Recipe?

I am not sure if this is the best place to make this post but here goes.

In order to keep myself sane I belong to a non-profit Moms group. (MOPS). As a fundraiser we are making a cook book. I am trying to collect different recipes from around the country that reflect fresh home grown farm foods. You know the piles of eggs in your fridge etc Our goal is to have at least one great recipe from each of the 50 states. This way we will have tried and true recipes representing different regional cuisine.

So, I was hoping that by asking here I might find some people interested in sharing.. I know there are many people who live all around the country and even out of it. If you happen to have a great recipe you donÂt mind sharing, I would love to have it. You could e-mail it to me at

I would like to submit some of the great recipes you send me. Proceeds from our book sale will help fund our self-supporting organization. So if you could send them my way that would be great. I appreciate all of your help and look forward to the taste test.

Have a great day. Gina

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