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QOTD-- July 23

13 years ago

>>imrainey posted this yesterday: I don't have a design wall either.One of the things I do is to take digital pix of things I've laid out on the floor or a counter. For one thing, I can get a head on view and the other thing is things just look different when photographed. Maybe it's a little like a ruby beholder but you get less distracted by some print you love and see what works and what doesn't.

So, my question is: What do you use to help during the design process? I also use my digital camera to help me get a better over-all view of the quilt. Even when I had a design wall, I'd still take a picture with the camera to help me get a more objective look at the quilt. My favorite design tool is still old-fashioned graph paper and a mechanical pencil--I just like the drawing process, I guess.

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