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Need Advice/help decorating 1960 Brick Ranch home

10 years ago

We just purchased a 2000 sq.ft. brick ranch home built in 1960, and while waiting for closing I am trying to figure out how best to furnish and decorate it and what kind of age-appropriate updates to do to the kitchen, etc. The home has a lot of original 'charming' features (brick planter on entryway, built-in hutch in kitchen, pink and blue tile bathrooms) which I think would be fun to keep, but am not sure what type furniture would best work with the look.

Adding to my confusion is the fact that my dear mother recently passed and left me most of her furniture... much of which was concidentally bought to furnish the 1960 colonial revival ranch type home where I was born. For sentimental reasons I would love to incorporate some of this furniture into my new home - but am afraid that 1.) It might make the home look more dated than retro and 2.) Being more what I would consider 'Colonial Revival' - (lots of solid maple, etc.) it will not go well at all with the more mid-century modern style I prefer and I'm thinking this house probably would look best with. I collect original 1960s David Klein era travel posters (Paris, Europe, Germany, Egypt, India & London) and would love to be able to display some of them where they would be shown to best advantage. Is there a workable way for me to mesh these two styles - colonial revival and mcm - successfully? Or should I just pick one style and stay with it? Or switch gears entirely?!! Help! I'm starting to feel quite overwhelmed with all of the decisions! Thanks so much for any all input you may have!

Here are some photos of the home : (couldn't figure out how to upload to gardenweb - wasn't working for me -sorry!)
Please note: The furniture shown is NOT ours - it belongs to previous renters - in fact the L/R D/R photos show 2 different set ups from previous renters - IMO, both types of furniture look to be too large for the area... Home
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Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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