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Has anyone bought from Simplicity Sofas?

14 years ago

This is my first post on the Decorating forum -- usually I hang out in Kitchens and Appliances. I just painted most of our small living room -- it will be 12'5" x 14'2"/14'10" after we move a wall. We need a small sofa to fit the scale of the room. Most of the sofas I've found either are 7' wide or loveseats, but the space calls for something in between.

I did a websearch and found "Simplicity Sofas" which makes an "apartment sofa" that's 76" wide, looks very nice in the picture, is American made, and fits our budget.

I can't find any reviews of the company and am reluctant to order a sofa sight unseen. Has anyone ordered from them? They seem shallower front to back than most sofas; are they comfortable? Or does anyone have any other recommendations for a 6' sofa in the $1,000 price range?