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I need a little footstool/table thingie...

12 years ago

So we have this seating area off our kitchen; some of you might remember that we recently added a yummy blue mohair chair. When I sit on that chair, if I have a drink, I put it on the end of the console table under the painting. If I put my feet up, I use the metal coffee table. The table isn't very comfortable under my bare feet, and sometimes putting my drink on the console table is a little awkward. I've been looking around for some sort of little... thing... like a very small ottoman or a very small round end table... that could be moved around in this space as needed for either a drink or feet. I considered one of those tree stumps that are trendy now. I think it was Overstock where I saw a black one that I thought might work. West Elm has them too, but jeez, $200 for a tree stump. Crate & Barrel has a cute metal ottoman/table that is about the right size, but I think I have enough metal now. The stool/table would have to be pretty small, like 12-14" diameter, maybe 16-18" high? Any ideas? You guys are usually good about coming up with ideas that make me say "doh, why didn't I think of that?" Also, can't be super heavy as I see it as something can/will be moved around a lot.

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