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Finished tablecloth drapes and more questions - pics

12 years ago

For those that remember, I recently moved another apartment and we switched the bedroom with the diningroom. Here is a finished pic using the tablecloths from BB&B. I used iron heated tape to hem and it's easy open/close and great for privacy. Thanks for the help.

The new questions are regarding the pictures and how to make my bed!

I had strips of old (35-40 yr) photobooth pictures (scanned and blown up) and framed them. I would like to put 3 or 4 above the headboard. I have a king bed with matching nightstands and lamps, 3 large white euro shams, 2 white king pillows, and 2 blue shams. I am planning at least one more small pillow (unsure of color). I don't have another place to store the bedpillows except on the bed.

So...3 or 4 photos and is there a better way to put my bed together? Appreciate any suggestions, photos or links.

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