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help with desk/drop zone cabinets

11 years ago

We almost always enter our house through the garage. In our new house, we will have a mudroom with built in lockers for the kids; that should take care of bookbags, coats, and shoes. One of our biggest problems in our current house is handling mail and paperwork. Because of this, I wanted a drop zone in the mudroom. I don't want it directly in the kitchen because I *know* it will be messy, but I do want it very closeby.

Here's a quick floorplan of the area. The desk/drop zone is next to the closet in the mudroom.


And here's the proposed cabinetry.


Our realtor looked over our final floorplans yesterday and he mentioned that we may be wasting a lot of money by putting built in cabinetry here. It got me thinking a lot about what I need out of this space. I do think we should do some sort of cabinetry here, but I don't know if this design is quite right. Right now it's a desk, and I am sure it will NEVER be used as a desk space. I also think those 12" drawers will be really narrow.

I need this area to function these ways

1. drop mail as we're coming in the house

2. temporarily hold paperwork that needs filed, signed, mailed, etc

3. when kids are older, a place to keep all that school paperwork (I used to be a teacher before I had my first DS- I know there's a ton of paperwork!)

4. maybe keep our car keys.. or at least have wall space to have a key holder

We do not need a charging station or computer station here.

Honestly I don't know what else I need. If you have other suggestions about how you use your desk area, please share. I really want this space to be functional as my kids get older. I know the mudroom will be a very busy place getting three kids out the door to school and getting them back home in the afternoons. Do you have other ideas for cabinetry? Pics of what has worked (or not worked) for you?

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