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septic related question...garbage disposal a no-no...

17 years ago

We just had a septic inspection done yesterday on a home we are purchasing. I had a million questions for the guy who did a thorough job. One thing that still confuses me...the original owner never had a garbage disposal put in, but the septic guy says to STAY AWAY from them. I understand broken glass or plastic might end up in garbage disposal and that could harm the tank...BUT should I be VERY careful of every tiny piece of food scrap going down the drain? Will that eventually damage the tank? I'm mean trying to catch that little piece of cereal is tough enough. Our current use of garbage disposal is minimal...only for little bits of food scrapes left in sink after clean-up. I was thinking of adding a garbage disposal during kitchen renovation...but maybe I'll just stay away from it. Any advice, suggestion will help me make a decision...Thanks in advance.

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