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Area rug advice - Pictures

12 years ago

Below are two pictures of the LR. The room is large with more space behind the sofa than in front. We added a large round area rug which can be seen in Picture 2.

No rug in front of the sofa except the rug you see in front of the hearth. We wanted a larger hearth rug be we just can't find one we like in a large size.

Picture makes space between hearth rug and coffee table appear smaller than it is. Also, there's room to scoot the coffee table down to the right of picture. Space shouldn't be a problem

I've decided to keep the hearth rug and now I'm thinking about buying a medium size, rectangle area rug to go between the TV and coffee table. The rug won't set under anything.

TV is on the left. There's about 7-8' of open floor between the edge of the coffee table and TV.

If I get a rug here, neither rug (front and back of room) can be seen at the same time.

Should I get a rug in similar colors as the rug in the back of the room?

And since I'm keeping my hearth rug (a must in winter), should I make sure it has that deep red in it?

I'd like a lighter colored rug though to brighten up the spot.

Maybe a cream rug with some burgandy, if I can find it?

Front of room:


Back of room. Round rug has some blue in it along with deep red.

BTW, Rugs USA if having Memorial Day sale beginning Sunday with up to 40% off. :)

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