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RECIPE: New High Fiber Diet

15 years ago

I saw this Dr. on public television who developed a high-fiber diet. I went to the library and borrowed her book. Her theory sounds really good and I'm giving it a shot. The diet requires you to eat 35 grams of fiber every day. I'm not doing too bad. I use my bread machine to make high fiber wheat and rye bread. Grape nuts cereal with fruit. Smoothies with froz fruit, banana and a tad of yogurt and milk.

Barley is a new discovery for me too. I'm using it in my favorite pasta salad recipes in place of the pasta.

I have some great pinto bean recipes for things like fudge (very good if you've never tried), pie crust, cake. I'd like to maybe use it for pizza??? Anyone have any ideas for a mexican pizza using pinto bean puree? I'd like to use whole wheat pizza crust from my bread machine. Is there any substitute or partial substitute for cheese on a pizza? (Doubt that one could be anywhere near as good!)

Brown rice is something I've never really used. Anyone have any good recipes using brown rice?

Or any high fiber ideas of any kind? Anyone ever been on this diet?

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