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RE commission question

8 years ago

I'm about to negotiate a contract with my RE agent. She will be helping me with both the sale of my current house and the purchase of a new house. Standard commission around here is 6% - 3% each to buyers agent and sellers agent.

Some people have advised me to ask for 5% commission on the sale of my house - 3% to buyers agent and 2% to my agent. The thought is that she is getting 2 commissions for helping me so should be willing to take a slightly reduced commission to prevent me from using a different agent for my purchase. Obviously I thought that was a great idea - since a 1% drop in commission obviously means more money coming to me after the sale. But a few other people have told me that buyers are savvy these days - if they see the listing as a 5%commission listing, they will offer 1% lower on the purchase price to compensate for the lower commission. In which case - why should I negotiate a lower commission just to pass it on to my buyer.

Thoughts? Am I overthinking this?

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