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Doing art again after over a decade away...

15 years ago

...from it. Well, I was doing scientific illustration rather than decorative artwork during the interim, but that's a different animal. This is a gouache & watercolor of some of the claret cup cacti from my husband's rock garden that are blooming like crazy this season. He's worked hard on these little rock gardens and they're maturing and looking very good now. I was afraid to start doing art again because as someone over 40 I now have bifocals that I hate, and also my hands are not quite as nimble as they were when I was a bit younger, but I'm trying as best I can. I have an old gilt frame that I'm cleaning up for this painting. It's a slender, rectangular frame that's understated, and I'm surprised that it actually works for this painting, but for some reason it does. I guess it brings out the gold-y colors in the cacti spines-? At any rate, the frame had some slight surface cracks and noticeable staining so I had to repaint the gold without obliterating the thin scroll of carving around the edge. Custom framing is so dang expensive, so I had a couple flea market/antique shop/yard sale frames on hand that needed work. The frame is drying so I can't show a picture of the painting in it, but I was happy with the way this turned out so I'm posting it unframed. The colors are just a touch more subtle or subdued IRL than they look in this picture. The things we take for granted when we're young, like good eyes and steady hands!

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