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Help critique my kitchen layout

12 years ago

Hi all, we're doing a major kitchen renovation- knocking down 3 rooms and a dormer wall and making one big open kitchen/dining area.

Below are pics of the kitchen design- the kitchen area is approx. 15'x12' (the dining area will be to the left of this). The island is over 8 ft long and little over 4 ft deep. We have a wine/beverage fridge and microwave drawer in the island. The range will be a double oven- we did not want a dbl wall oven. The columns are there to support where the dormer wall is coming down. We have the island meeting the columns because we want there to be some seperation between the kitchen and family room. However, this create a large amount of space between the island and fridge/stove area. Sink will be a 30'' overhung farm sink.

A couple of things we know already need to change:

- The right wall should only be around 12'

- the lip of the island should be flush with the columns, this will push the island in a little bit more and make the clearance between the island and fridge closer to 5' instead of 6'

- Thinking of moving the pantry to the other end of the kitchen and therefore getting rid of the angled corner base cabinet.

- taking out valance over sink and just continuing molding around

- moving the wine fridge to end of island

Let me know what you think- anything I'm missing? Any suggestions for helping close the over 5 ft gap b/w the island and fridge?


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