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How to arrange furniture in our oddly shaped living room

14 years ago

Our living room is small, oddly shaped and has very little wall space. We need help arranging our furniture. We have a 7.5 foot couch, 2 side tables, one arm chair, an ottoman, a 3 foot wide entertainment center, a 32" TV, and a 4.5 foot wide desk that all need to fit in our living room.

I have attached a floor plan of our living room (and dining room/kitchen areas) so you can see why we are having a hard time arranging the furniture. Each square is 1 square foot.

As you can see, one wall is not a wall but a sliding patio door, another wall isn't a wall but a hallway, and yet another wall has 3 feet cut off due to the front door being there. So any suggestions on how to arrange our furniture?

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