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Did I get a faulty granite tile install? Help!

15 years ago

I recently bought a townhouse and am doing a fairly major remodel and decided I wanted granite tile counters. My contractor doesn't do granite so I asked the pro supply house he uses (and where I also bought some bath tiles) for a recommendation. His sales rep gave me the name of someone she just used in her own home and who does "excellent work", so I hired him.

When we met to go over the project, I asked about grout. His reply was that everyone was going with silicone these days. So that's what he did. The job looks good, however there is some residue left from the silicone. Yesterday I happened to be working a volunteer event doing a remodel for an elderly lady. I asked a contractor there for a recommendation on how to clean this residue. Also standing with us happened to be someone who works in the natural stone dept at Daltile. What ensued was a discussion where both of them assured me that using silicone rather than nonsanded grout is a faulty installation method and that basically I need to make this company redo the entire thing with grout and new tile at their expense of course.

Can anyone comment on this and provide links to trade standards, etc? This remodel has been going for two months and is almost done and I am moving in in 5 days. This will really stink to have to redo but I want to make sure it is a quality job that will last a long time.

Thanks much!!

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