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Tip of the Day 6/10/11 Binding

12 years ago

Please share a Tip for Binding-something you think may be interesting. It can be tools, cutting, sewing, size, needles, thread -anything at all that you find useful when doing binding.

I know binding has probably been discussed to death, but I think we are always looking at a way to be more efficient and precise. I am - I am picky and I love precise-I admit it~lol.

I am sharing a blog that I found recently - I have the same Pfaff machine she uses. Click on the link 'Bias-Cut Binding Handout'. I used this method to cut my binding and I found it to be more precise than sewing the tube and drawing those pesky lines. I prefer a small binding most of the time, and cut my bias strips at 1 7/8" for a French binding, so there is no fudge factor.

It is fast - yes, you have to sew the strips together, but that goes pretty quickly. I was very happy with the process.

I also sew to the back of the squared quilt, and bring the binding to the front and stitch with a blanket stitch. I am using a bilevel foot and it is working perfectly for me. I think it's intended use is for sewing flat felled seams or hemming jeans.

Please share your tips! I am revising & tweaking my method on each quilt. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick and Easy Bias Cut Binding Tip

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