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needing lots of direction in new home, LR pics

16 years ago

This is my first try at pics and I'm hoping it works.

Having a hard time staying focused on our new home. Some of you know my Dad was diagnosed with dementia just after we moved in.

I talked with the custom window treatment people at JCPenny's but they made me a little uncomfortable. The thought of someone showing up with a couple of fabric books and being pressured to make up my mind the same day doesn't sit too well with me. The people here seem more talented and have come up with great ideas.

My problem is the elevation we picked for our house had a big surprise inside. Namely windows that don't line up like the model did. I'm at a loss to figure out drapery treatments.

The only thing staying in the room is the curved sofa. The other two are just craig's list fill-ins because we sold our sofa with our last house.

My camera just filled up so I wasn't able to take a pic of the adjoining dining room. The style will be kind of a relaxed European. PLEASE excuse the mess. All of my Dad's paperwork, things to bring him, etc. are scattered about the house.

Thank you, thank you

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