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Bogoloo-- Remember those pendant lights you were looking for???

14 years ago

I went to IKEA yesterday, and couldn't believe it. They had similar crystal pendants to the ones you were looking for for like 20 bucks each. I'm at work so I can't add a pic to this thread- but check it out. They are a little larger than the ones in the magazine, but I was thinking it wouldn't be terribly hard to make them a little smaller. The finish on them was silver, but for 20 dollars, I would add an ORB chain, and a can of spray paint or patina- and voila. Remember I wanted to make them?? I gave up and bought different pendants that were not crystal but I fell in love with them anyway. I'm trying to find a place in my house to hang these Ikea pendants. Did you find pendants yet??

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