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Help--wormy quartersawn oak for cabinets?

12 years ago

Looking for help/feedback asap, please. My cabinet maker says he has found some nice highly reflective quartersawn white oak for the mission style cabinets in the kitchen being remodeled (arts and crafts style). But, he says, it's wormy oak, rather than clear. He wants to know if that's OK and I don't have a clue. I've looked at some pictures and I see the difference, I just don't know enough and haven't seen enough woodwork to know if it will look odd or appropriate in the kitchen. I'm going for an old, been there forever, but really well-kept, addition to the cabinets, we're talking soapstone sink, stone floor arts and craft style tile backsplash. And the house itself is a 1907 Victorian/Arts and Crafts rowhouse.

Any and all thoughts welcome. Am cross posting this to the woodworking forum too.

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