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Kitchen color if cabinets are white/ off white?

10 years ago

Hi all, before diving into picking cabinet paint color to cover my ugly oak cabinets..looks like I will surely have to repaint my kitchen red walls

Here's the kitchen opens right into the main house.. And on those walls are that tan color that in different lighting turns into a taupe like khaki...y'all know what I mean..

So what colors go well with a taupe tan..??? I figured so many of you have so much talent you could suggest to me what colors work well on walls when moving into another room, infact the whole rest of the first floor a taupe like tan, khaki color??,

Oh painting the rest of the home..that is a no go from dh..and yep hate that color too..hehehee..

Man be careful ladies when you marry a man that just about finished his home himself when you meet him.,hehehehehehe..okay well can't say he did that part. I met him the walls were drywall. My silly self picked that color. Heheheh

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