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Trying to keep my morale up

13 years ago

We are relocating from chicago to Kansas City Kansas. We have had our house listed on the market since Oct 09. We listed at an inflated price back in Oct. just to put the house out there, but I had to remain in chicago with my kids throughout the school year. I couldn't leave until now. We know have dropped the price 100,000.00 since then, and now it is priced right. Problem is I had more traffic in at the higher price ranges, and nothing now that I have lowered the price. I am at a loss on what to do. Feedback I had at the higher prices was that I have a low spot in my basement due to heating duct work, and that I do not have granite counter tops. We are now offering to put granite in for the buyer....they just have to pick the color. I can't fix the duct work. What else can I do to attract the buyers? Lower the price again?

Here is the house:

Thanks in advance! Just want to live with my husband again...:(

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