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Wood floor in kitchen not matching adjacent wood floors?

8 years ago

Greetings, I am hoping that you guys will post pictures of wood floors adjacent to nonmatching wood floors.

Our home currently has gunstock color oak floors throughout the first floor except for the kitchen/eating area and back hallway, which have/had white vinyl tile.My current cabinets are also a gunstock color oak.

I am planning to change to white or very light new cabinets. I was planning originally to match the gunstock oak for flooring in the kitchen. However, when I replaced the white vinyl floor in the back hallway last year with gunstock oak, it made the back hallway rather dreary and dark. I had to increase the lighting wattage and repaint the walls and closet doors white, but it is still darker than I would like. So I am thinking that gunstock oak flooring will be too dark in my kitchen.

I still would like wood floors, but am having a hard time envisioning what color and type of wood would look good next to the existing gunstock oak, and if there is a way to make the difference look like it was deliberately planned. The existing floors are in great condition and I really do not want to sand and refinish them.

So, please share you ideas and pictures for transitioning nonmatching wood floors in adjacent rooms. thank you in advance!

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