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Opinions on this exterior paint color?

11 years ago

I would love to get some feedback on the exterior paint color we want to use. Our house is in Arizona in a quirky neighborhood, so we have a lot of flexibility with color (there are houses painted bright orange, purple, blue, yellow, red, and green).

The color we have chosen is on the low courtyard wall (the one with the tiles, gate, and flagstone top). It's Dunn Edwards cherry cola. The wall was a happy accident since we picked the color thinking it was the darker house trim color (cans of paint left in the garage by previous owners can be It's actually the color they used on the front door.

Do you think it would look nice on the whole house? I don't think we're doing trim this time. We were thinking about deep purple or olive green for the doors (front, back, and garage). The purple we picked is Dunn Edwards Preserve, and for the green, maybe Bay Leaf. The retaining wall, which is now tan, will also be painted in the Cherry Cola.

Here is the house:

{{!gwi}}From House front

Thank you so much for any opinions! Last year we painted the inside of the house and your advice was so helpful.


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