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How would you describe my house for financing?

16 years ago

I'm looking to take out a HELOC, and am wondering how you'd describe my house for the applications. They always ask whether it's a single family home, condo, multi-family home, or townhouse.

The house is a century-old two family (side-by-side) that was legally converted to two condos in the early 1980's. (Nothing had to be done physically - it was always meant to be a two-family, as opposed to many other buildings in the Northeast that were cut up to make condos.) The two halves are mirror images, each three stories (well, actually four, but it's unfinished space) high with five+ bedrooms each.

So, it's not a single-family and it's not a multi-family (it used to be, before the condo conversion). Would you call it a condo or a townhouse on the application? I'm figuring it should be a condo, but I think condo conjures up a different visual than my house, so I'm not sure.

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