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Opinion about location of pool bathroom

15 years ago

Our original plans has a small half bath located on one side of our mudroom right off the garage. It will have a pocket door opening to the mudroom and an outside door to the backyard (kind of a pass through). We are using this bathroom mainly for pool company. It is located next to the kitchen and we have a more formal powder room located near the living room. I think the only people that would use the small bath are my kids and my DH.

We have the option of taking out the bath and locating it where it is easily accessed outside by the pool. If we do this then only people swimming or in the backyard will use the outside bath. We would use the space in the mudroom for a pantry or more storage and lockers.

I was wondering if anyone had one of these setups and which they prefer. Pool bath outside or small bath inside that is accessible from both outside and in.



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