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TV/Family Room Setup

13 years ago

Okay, we have been living in my house for about a year now and still are not happy with the furniture setup in our family/TV room.

The house was built in the 50's so it is basically one rectagular room after another. I have taken the liberty of sketching the room out a bit.

As you will see, there are a multitude of obstacles. The back wall is almost entire glass. The fire place, which is red brick up to the ceiling is in a odd place (though I probably have it more centered than it actually is in our house).

Here is the criteria that we are working with. This isn't a family that doubles as a TV room. It is instead a TV room that doubles as a family room.

In other words, the TV has to be a center point. Don't want the majority of people watching TV with their heads turned sideways.

We understand that theoretically, the fireplace may be a good spot, however, most people I have seen that do this have the TV way up. We have not eliminated placing the TV on the fireplace but we have eliminated putting the TV way up. That is, it has to be at normal viewing level, which for some people would eliminate the fireplace as a place for the TV.

The room has an A frame wood ceiling that peeks at about 10 ft. For now, we have the TV (Flat Screen) on the wall opposite the sliding glass doors with a seven foot couch a few feet in front of the glass doors. Not ideal because of the glare and having our backs to the view but passable. We have a chair at a 90 degree angle to the sofa.

The room is about 22' by 14' and has two entry points (the larger one is connected to the foyer and the smaller one to the kitchen. Even though the TV seating seems to work okay, we simply have not been able to get the part of the room opposite the fireplace to work at all.

We do have a good sized living room that is our main seating/talking room as well.

So, with all that information in hand, what would you do with this room if you were starting from scratch?

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