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Lights and Mirror in bath . . can this be tweeked to look better?

14 years ago

I look at these lights every time I'm in this bathroom and something is off.

Is the mirror too small? I really like it and didn't take that into consideration when I bought it. (Ebay)

I like my lights too (Ebay again) and for now anyhow, both need to stay.

Would it help if I moved the lights out and up? The back plate is actually in the ceiling straight above instead of on the wall. Silly me had the builder change it. I wish now I would've left it alone so I had an easier option of changing the light later.

The walls will be painted eventually if I ever decide on a color or what direction I want to take this room. I've been considering moving the valance/towels/etc. to the other bath. Vanity and sink stay as is. I'll be adding hardware to the doors.

Please ignore the paint sample and accessories. I change them daily. :)



I'll have to try and take a better picture later. The cord hangs from those hooks on each side from the ceiling.

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