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Advice on upgrading equipment?

15 years ago

I need some advice on upgrading my pool equipment.Â

I have a mix of brands and PVC elbows that has been upgraded by previous owners. Our pool store is running a promotion for free install with equipment purchase until 1/1 and they'll match internet prices. I'm in Dallas so the pool is open year-round and the pump runs 10 hours a day in the summer. I'll probably own the house for at least another 3-5 years.

Main Goals:

Decrease time spent maintaining pool (cleaning, programming, and equipment maintenance)

Decrease cost of maintaining pool (electricity, chemicals, and repairs)

Complaints about current setup

Hot tub seems slow to heat up

Remote control is slow to respond & doesn't work inside house

Filter is difficult to disassemble and clean

Spa blower is so powerful water splashes out

Have to manually turn off the pool drain to use the hot tub

Remote control of heater seems to no longer work

I really like the feel of saltwater pools and I was considering installing a Jandy AquaPure system. I've toyed with the idea of switching to an IntelliFlo for electricity savings.

Are there any problems with my current installation that could lead to equipment damage? Should I take this opportunity to upgrade any equipment? I've included some pictures of the equipment area and a diagram of the intakes and returns.

Thanks for your help!

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