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Pool Deck-Pavers on Sand or Concrete Sub-deck?

15 years ago

Not sure if my first message posted, but I live in S. Fl and have just started construction on my pool. The decking is roughly 2,000 sq. ft. I am trying to decide whether to choose pavers on sand or stone on top of a concrete sub-deck. My PB says that the decking should be pavers on sand because (a) the decking will settle and it's easy to change out pavers in sand (b) it will be easy to pick up pavers if we have any plumbing/drainage issues in the future (c)concrete sub-deck will crack causing the stone on top to crack. I have a pool designer telling me that the pool decking should be concrete subdeck b/c (a)we'll get grass/weeds growing between the pavers (b)pavers will settle and look awful in a few years. My PB says he will do the concrete sub-deck and install the stone (most probably travertine) but b/c of the cracking issues he won't warranty it b/c he's certain the stone will crack. The additional cost of stone on the concrete subdeck is about $15,000 (a hefty price tag in this economy), but I want to make sure my patio looks nice for a long time. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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