Weedyacres- or anyone else just as handy- need crown molding help

13 years ago


I remember you posting detailed instructions with pics as to how you installed your crown molding.

My carpenter just dropped off the angle pieces (crown molding part still not made/stained/who knows!!!), and also informed me that my over the fridge cabinet hasn't even been made yet!

So, I was thinking, since my fridge sticks out so much, a 29" deep cabinet would serve me better (going to have dividers for trays)- he had no problem with that, but said installing the crown molding around the added corners is difficult- we are DIY, and DH is worried about screwing it up and then we're out of crown molding. I said I'd buy him the compound mitre saw if that would make it easier. My DH is an engineer and VERY handy, so I figure, if you can do it, he should be able to- could you please advise? :>) and maybe repost your valuable advice? (Hoping you had the info stored somewhere?- it's no longer available here)

So, to clarify, I have a 12" wide (angled corners)upper corner shelf unit (or will, once it's made), 30" (12" deep)upper, 18" (24" deep)pantry, potential 31" (29" deep)OTF cabinet, 18" (24" deep) pantry. Lots of different angles!!! CM supposedly will be quite simple to match Shaker style cabs.

In pic, corner cabinet isn't made yet, but see how fridge sticks out? There's another 18" pantry on the other side

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