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Official Voting Thread- It's Not Easy Being Green Challenge Quilt

16 years ago

The voting on this challenge quilt is open to all forum members. The entries have been truly magnificent, so you will certainly have a tough time making a decision.

You are voting on how well the quilt fulfills the theme of 'Not Easy Being Green", originality and workwomanship.

The entries are presented in alphabetical order as they appear in my image hosting site. Although many of you sent multiple pictures, I am only posting multiples if they show different aspects of the quilt. My apologies to any participants who feel I have shortchanged either their explanation or number of pictures posted, and feel free to add more pics or more 'blurb' if you so desire.

Let the drooling begin!

Amy In Southern California, New2Quilting

Someday..." It's not easy being a little green caterpillar surrounded by beautiful colorful butterflies. But Someday... she will be a beautiful butterfly, too.

It measures approx. 42" x 42". The blocks are crayon colored muslin, the butterfly design is from an online coloring book page. I designed the caterpillar myself. It is machine pieced and quilted. This is my second completed quilt. I only started sewing this year!




When I started mine I was thinking of the song "A Tisket a Tasket a Green and Yellow Basket" This was a challenge !!! First off , I had little choice in greens ,,,I was wishing for spring when I started ,and as I do NOT have a green thumb, and cant bend down to garden, this is how I plant my flowers.

The quilting was done while I was in the hospital, and visiting my mom in the hospital, and while in the carÂbut I finally got it done.



Here he is. Surrounded by little lady frogs (so he won't be lonely anymore)! The first phrases of the song are free-hand quilted around the border and his name is quilted below his portrait. Himself is made of felt machine appliqued with a black satin stitch.

I forget the overall size's 38" x something (48" maybe).


Kathy Sequin (Bon)

"It isn't easy being green" is Kermit the Frogs theme

song!! So I thot of frogs and what is hard about their

lives. It's gotta be tough being stuck on the ground

and watching your dinner flying around way up there

outta reach!!

This measures 43"x43" and I used fusible web, 3-D

fabric paint, thread and a rainbow of permapens.


Lucy Hoerle

"While I was planning the fabrics and flowers to use in this wall hanging and starting the cutting for it, Marti came up with the challenge. I was looking forward to having a bright and spring-like quilt to hang in my hall and since I had already purchased the Garden Trellis book by Eleanor Burns, I thought this would be what I would enter. My plans were not to quilt it with green thread originally, but since green was the challenge, I added the tendril quilting and I really liked the results. I am very happy that I did that now. This challenge had me work "out of the box" and develop more creativity and probably something that I would not have done otherwise."


Maggie Sue

"It's not easy being green, among all of the beautiful fall colors!"


Marti in Mexico

Of course, my first thought was Âwhy did I get myself into this?Â, and my second thought was Kermit, and my third thought was leaves. But I wanted to push my creativity more, think differently, come up with something different. I finally came up with this. The materials are quilting fabrics, felt, glue and pipecleaners, and the batting is felt. I machine-quilted, and since neither I nor my machine are any too good at that, the quilting is not so hot, but I didnÂt have time to hand quilt it.


Kay (Quiltdiva)

Kay wrote a darling and long story of Roberta and the life journey of her first and favorite bra, and its transformations as Roberta's life morphs and changes. But since I was trying to keep this part relatively short, my apologies to Kay for the deeply abbreviated version.


Sally Frickey

My first thought upon hearing "itÂs not easy being green" turned to Kermit the Frog and his little song on the Muppets. So I knew IÂd have a frog and heÂd be the only green on front of the quilt.

My first chore was to make my frog. I drew my own paper piece pattern because I could not find one the size or look I wanted. This was probably my toughest chore. Thru trial and error (lots of error) I made my frog in a pond. I placed a little ladybug on his knee and gave him wiggly eyes bygluing them down with temporary glue so they can be removed for washing the wall hanging. I made 6-inch sky blocks with butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees.

I paper pieced my first butterfly but decided I could get a better variety by using an appliqué technique. I used Heat & Bond Lite to hold them in place; then sewed them down with a small zigzag stitch. I used black

embroidery thread and a stem stitch and French knots to make their antenna. I made 33 blocks with butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees of various sizes and colorsÂblue, yellow, gold, red, purple but not green. I set them together with the frog at the bottom in his pond.

I then added a sky blue border with selected words from the song embroidered around 3 sides and gave Kermit credit for the Song.

ItÂs not easy being greenÂ

it could nicer being red or yellow or goldÂ

but green is the color of SpringÂ

I am green itÂs beautifulÂ

itÂs what I want to be.


I used a thin batting and quilted it on the sewing machine with lines radiating from the frog making him the center attraction. I also used one stitch randomly to hold my quilt together. Very hard to see but I free handed a few musical notes on the border to go with the song. The back is a field of flowers where my little friends live. I bound it with the same floral fabric. I did put a sleeve on the back to hang it with. My overall dimensions are 42" X 42".




For years I collected figures of frogs, so it was natural to think green, is frogs. I used various forms to create action, size to emphasize the frog as main character. I used wording to create messages of spring, sort of comic book style, All tongue in cheek . Hope all enjoy the humor.




This quilt is inspired by the children?s book The Very

Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It is

representational, and chronicles his journey from egg

to butterfly.

He figures out, through trial and error, what is good

for a caterpillar and what isn't. It's not easy being

green, but it's worth it.

The undulating greens on the front--along with the

multi-yellow outline--evoke the red-headed


The circles are specific colors are the foods the very

hungry caterpillar tries as he searches for the

perfect one. Monday: he tries a red apple; Tuesday:

pears; Wednesday: plums; Thursday: strawberries;

Friday: oranges; Saturday: a lot of different--mostly

junk foods, and gets a stomachache; Sunday: one green


The colorful backing is the butterfly that the

caterpillar eventually becomes. The binding is called

caterpillar binding, and incorporates faux chenille.


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