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Will white metal headboard work for this bedding

9 years ago

This is a promo photo of the new duvet that I have put into my guest room. The room is painted a shape of blue-ish purple (light/medium shade). I want the room to look kind of English cottage style or shabby chic. I am choosing a headboard now. I want metal as it suits the style and upholstered will not work as I have cats that would use it as a scratching board!! :)

The duvet is actually ivory in the background, not white. The most affordable and suitable headboard for the cottage style that I want and that is available in the stores near where I live is a simple white metal headboard. The off-white headboards available in my area are a bit too fancy and not simple enough (at least I think so). This is a small guest room so not much furniture and I want to keep things simple.

Does the headboard colour have to match the bedding exactly? I know is shabby chic that I've seen some items mixed together that don't particularly match, so maybe I could pull this off? I will post a photo of the headboard momentarily.

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