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rectangle or square backsplash tiles

11 years ago

Hi, it's my first time posting but I've found lots of valuable information by reading this forum, so I wanted to ask for advice.

We are redoing our kitchen counters and backsplash. We're pretty set on tumbled stone for our backsplash, but are having trouble choosing a pattern. We really like either rectangular (subway) tile throughout in a brick pattern, with a design behind the cooktop. OR we like a bottom row of square tiles, with some kind of separation divider/border and then diagonal square tiles above.

So here are my questions:

1. We want something that is pretty classic and won't look dated in 3 years. Is that a risk with getting rectangle vs. square tiles? Which would be better?

2. If we decide to have a divider pattern or finger-sized stone divider (not sure of the technical name), how would that work with a framed cooktop design. Would the divider go right up to the frame and then break for the design? Or would the design go above the divider?

3. We also have a window above our sink, and we want the tile to go all the way up to the ceiling in that area. If we go with subway tile, I don't mind that look going up to the top, but I'm not sure about the diagonal tiles. Would they look too busy? Any suggestions for how to handle this area?

Not sure if it makes a difference, but our style tends to be transitional. We've got maple cabinets with medium stain, and we're getting tropical brown granite.

Thanks for your help!

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