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Home Inspection-Staying Safe

13 years ago

We purchased a house this year and had it inspected. The home inspector noted that our electric panels are very old and recommended that we replace them. After we closed, we hired a handyman to help pull out some carpet and showed him around the rest of the place. He noticed the panels and warned us to be careful when working around them. We have an electrician lined up to replace them.

I was reading an article from the ASHI site about the kinds of surprises and dangers that home inspectors have run into. There were enough interesting points that I felt it would be good to share them here.

Some folks like to do their own DIY repairs without obtaining permits, etc. Our house has a deck that didn't have permits pulled. Maybe its fine, maybe not.

I would be interested to read what other home owners have discovered during the course of having a home inspected and if it made a difference in their home buying decision. Also, what surprises did you discover after your purchase?

Home Inspection-Staying Safe Out There

by Peter Hawley-April 2011

Inspector Peter Hawley reminds us how important safety concerns are.

"A few years ago in my hometown, I was surprised to learn that a home inspector friend of mine had died. It was shocking and surprising because he was a relatively young man and still in good health. When I asked the cause of his death, I was expecting the answer to be a car accident or an unexpected and sudden health issue. Imagine my amazement when I was told he died on the job as a home inspector...."

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