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Help with spa overflow and VS pump

14 years ago

We have a Pentair variable speed pump and we are trying to save energy by running it on a very low RPM and letting it run a little longer. However, when we cut it down below about 1600 RPM the spa overflow becomes just a trickle down the side of the rocks. I've closed the valve that controls the pool returns as much as I can but I can't shut it off completely because doing so would also shut off water to our polaris cleaner and the booster pump for it. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It seems we that we can't really get the benefit of the cost savings without either shutting off the spa returns entirely and letting the water just circulate through the pool (which would not be good for the spa water) or allowing the spa overflow to constantly run down the raised bond beam stacked stone, which I can't imagine would be good for it. Any suggestions?

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