Arizona O/B Part Duex

14 years ago

About a year ago, I posted my pool plan on here as I prepared to build my first pool and do it as an O/B. Due to many, many reasons, the project was put on hold.

So, here we are with our second attempt. During the past year I was able to over think every aspect of my original design which looked like this.


As I talked to people, looked at other pools and thought about how my family might use the pool, I decided to completely redesign it. Instead of a play pool, we're going deep, among other things. I'm not much of a swimmer and prefer to just lounge in the water, hence the large baja shelf. I also love to shoot hoops so a nice area to be able to stand is important.

My youngest one and her cousins will enjoy the fountain. The older ones will immensely enjoy jumping off the grotto and going down the slide.

The plan is to start digging around the first of the year and be swimming by summer. Here are some of the specs:

* 100' perimeter

* 620 sq ft. surface area

* All Pentair products

* Sand Filter

* Intelliflow pumps

* Infloor Cleaning

* Mini-pebble

* Acrylic decking (because when it's 115, cool is important)

* 60' grotto with slide

* 25' waterfall

* Salt System

* Water Leveler

We also prefer an above-ground spa as we want the additional therapeutic aspect so we wanted to incorporate that into our design and not just have the spa in the corner someplace.

I was hoping that some people could provide some feedback on the new design in case I might be forgetting or not considering something. This will be the first pool I have ever owned so any help is greatly appreciated. Also, for all those who did O/B in Phoenix recently, I would love to ask you a few questions. You can email me at aznative75 AT gmail DOT com.

With all that said, here is the new design.


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