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Spa Jet & Pump questions

12 years ago

Hi -

I have a pool/spa that was built in early 1990's. It has a separate Spa pump to power the Jets. The jets plumbing is 2" PVC and the pump is located ~50ft away from the spa. There is a separate drain for this pump and it is not connected in anyway through the filter or heater. I don't have any special "jets" in the spa, they just look like 1" i.d. PVC pipe that are exposed throught the gunite. The original pump was a Challenger Pac Fab 2HP - and I was getting good jet action with this pump.

The original pump broke down and I plumbed in a Whisper Flo (WFE-4) which I had in the garage. In looking at the pump performance curves, the Whisper Flow has a little less flow (10-15 gpm, depending on TDH) and so I expected a little less jet power, however, the flow seems considerably less which surprised me.

see performanc curves here:


Question: Would a total 10-15 fpm flow rate (1-2 gpm per nozzle) make that big of a difference on the jets?

To increase the flow rate, I've read that I can change out the WhisperFlo motor and impellor. I'm thinking about changing those out to get to 2HP (WFE-8). I've read you need 1/4 HP per jet, however the distance from my spa->pump seem long.

Question: Any issues in just changing the motor/impeller on the Whisper Flo to get the increased flow?

Question: Does 2HP WhisperFlo seem like the right choice?

Question: Is a larger pump required given my distance from spa->pump?

Many thanks for your help!!


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