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Owner/Builder needs help, Pool/Spa Water Level, Skimmer install

13 years ago

I'm a rookie owner builder in NY. I'm doing a freeform gunite pool, pretty much using the photos that I've seen from the postings on this forum as a guide. This forum is the best resource I have found, thank you! I (read: my lovely wife) will definitely take a lot of pictures and post them here.

I'm a civil engineer, so I have some knowledge of the various systems, at least in a theoretical sense. I have the permit, and the utilities are marked out. We told all of the neighbors that we are getting a pool, so there's no turning back now! Excavator coming next week. woohoo!

I think I have it 90% figured out. But if someone could lend some knowledge, there are two things I'm unsure of (I'm sure much more to follow):

We are doing a spa, raised 18" or so above the pool, but we don't want a spill-over. I'm undecided on the a separate pump for the spa, but it obviously will use the pool's filtration system. So...How do I keep the water level right in the spa without the benefit of the spillover? In other words, how do I make sure that the pool pump returns exactly the same amount of water to the spa that it took? Do I need to use diverter valves in tandem so that the pool and spa are not circulating water at the same time, and then have a separate pump dedicated for the jets? and if that's the case, do I need 4 suction fittings in the spa, 2 for the jet circuit, and 2 for the filter circuit?

Second question, at the pool skimmer, in front of the weir, there is a trapezoidal channel formed with gunite, and tiled. The top of this space, just below the deck surface, is a very thin amount of gunite. How do they shoot this? Do I need to box this area out with plywood before the gunite guys come?

Actually, one more thing. I want to get the whole thing automated. I was planning on the Intellitouch, and the Intelliflo SVRS pump. I'm still exploring how to control all of this stuff, they must have some type of electrically operated valves, but I have all winter to figure those things out!

Thanks in advance for the input.



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