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Which remodel would be better for my house value?

17 years ago

There is a fairly small room (maybe 8' x 10') adjacent to the master bedroom in my house. (I say "master", though it's really little different from the other bedrooms on the second floor - it's an old house.) I'm thinking of doing something with this room, as we use it for storage now and have plenty of storage elsewhere.

The two ideas I have are either a master bath or a walk-in closet. There might possibly be room for both, if I made each of them tiny, but I doubt it.

The house currently has two bathrooms, one upstairs (where the bedrooms are) with a bathtub, and one on the first floor with a shower. If I chose to make the small room into a master bath, there would probably be only room enough for a shower, not a tub.

The closets in this house are awful, as the house is old. The closet in the master bedroom is about five feet wide and slightly shallower than an ordinary clothes hanger. However, the room next door, which we currently use as an office, has two of these little closets, one of which backs up to the closet in the master bedroom, so it is possible to turn these two closets into one larger closet, though it will still be very shallow. It will also leave the now-office with only one little closet.

I would love to have both the closet and the bath, but the only way I can see to do this is to make the closet part of the bathroom, probably not a good idea.

So, which would you rather have? Which do you think would add more value to my home? And no, unfortunately, there's no room for the closet elsewhere in the room!

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