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Color Question

11 years ago

I don't have a great eye for color so I am asking for the wisdom of this group.

My new home is in the Seattle area, and typical for this area we have a lot of grey rainy days with a few months of glorious summer. Also, even on sunny days the quality of the light is more diffuse than it is further south.

I am having the house interior painted before I move in and need to choose a color. I am debating between SW Restful White (a soft purer white) and Cottage Cream (a creamy ivory). I like the shabby chic, vintage, romantic decorating style. There are beams and boards on the ceiling which will be painted the same color as the walls. Most of the house will be the same color with the exception of an accent wall in a soft green (SW Koi Pond).

I think the Restful White is closer to what I have seen in the books and magazine, but they always seem to be in a warm sunny climate and I am not sure if that makes a difference. In the dreary days of winter I need a bit of warmth and I am concerned that the brighter white would seem too cold. I have tried samples of each of the potential colors and my initial sense was the Cottage Cream was better. I am just not sure if it will distract from the style I am after.

Given the light conditions and my intended style what would you recommend?

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