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Septic update

15 years ago

I posted a while ago about my concerns regarding my septic system. My house was built in 1960 and although I haven't had problems with the septic, I hadn't had it pumped since 02. There was always a problem locating the cover and the company I had used for years went out of business. I'm planning to sell my house.

I called another company who came last week. The man worked for an hour digging and poking and couldn't find it. I had the original map from the Town.

He said they could flush a sensor down a toilet to locate the tank but that costs $200.00. Price doesn't include the pumping, which costs $300.00.

Because this was suggested by a number of people, I wonder if that price sounds excessive. I just don't understand why my tank is so deep that no one can find it.


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