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12 Volt Pool Light / 110 controller

13 years ago

I have a 12 volt Hayward Color Logic pool light that I want to use to replace my present 110 volt one.

I have a Fiberstars 110 volt controller (wireless). Can I use it with the 12 volt light if I use a 12 volt transformer to reduce the voltage to the light?

Should I reduce the voltage before it goes to the controller or after the controller before it goes to the light?

The controller does not have a timer clock. It has 3 switches, the first one for the light and 2 more that can be used for spa or other 12 volt apparatus.

The switches turn off and on as well as manual and remote. You switch it to remote to use it wireless.

Any suggestions as to if I can use the controller and if so what would be the best configuration?

If I want to use all 3 switches as 12 volt I guess I would have to reduce voltage before the controller. If I reduce it after the controller, I think I would have to wire the light directly from the transformer and that would leave the other 2 switches as 110 volt ones.


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