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New Phoenix Build

14 years ago

I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum, I have learnt a ton over the last few months. We are starting with a blank page as there is nothing in the back yard. We got 3 different designs with bids and have decided on one of the bids:

Pool Details:

50x20 (widest parts)

823 Sq Ft

146 ft perimeter

3' Â 8Â6" Deep

Approx 10 baja shelf  6" deep

leaning towards Cool Blue Pebble Sheen

5 Return Lines

2 Skimmers

Automatic Water Leveler

Spa Details:

Approx 8Â

54 sq ft

6 Jets

Polaris Caretaker UltraFlex In-Floor cleaning (37 cleaning heads)

3 Pentair Intellibrite LED Lights, 2 in pool 1 in spa

Baja jump Board

100Â waterfall/rock feature

Equipment: (mostly Pentair)

1200 ThermaFlo Heat/Cool Pump

400K BTU Master temp heater

Intelliflo high performance pumps (3hp & 1.5hp)

2 HP Polaris QT Blower

Quik Dek Clor

Nature 2 Professional G series mineral purifier

Ultra Pure Ozonator

520 Clean & Clear Plus

EasyTouch 8PS Digital Control Panel with wireless controller

Total Price: Approx $80,000

Deck, coping etc. being done under the landscape contract.


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