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Adding Pebble Shimmering Sea pros and cons ?

13 years ago

I have been reading thru all the posts here since I discovered this fantastic place. At this point I would like to thank you first, this is just the greatest resource for all possible questions coming up during planning or building a pool. Hopefully I will get some advice today as well.

We are in the last phase of building, in 5 days we will have pebble sheen installed. I have read about the possibility to add some pebble product called shimmering sea for additional sparkle.

Question: Did anyone here had that done before; does it really make a tremendous difference?

In terms of warranty, the pebble web side mentions that Pebble cannot guarantee the sheel materials against long term degradation or changes in color or brilliance. I already contacted pebble and wait for info.

Any input from the experts here is highly appreciated, thanks a lot.

I will post next week some pics from our pool build here in Atlanta ! Again, thanks. Mokay

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