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New here...just inherited 52 quilts!!!

13 years ago

My Mama quilted all of her life and she passed away April 18th at the age of a young 74 years. I am just devastated beyond words because since Daddy died 6 years ago I have been Mama's caregiver. She lived on her own still and the last year and a half has not quilted due to arthritis.

But, oh the quilts my sister and I divided up. Mama's speciality was applique quilting and she did it all by hand with a lap hoop. Her quilts are Masterpieces to behold and I am honored to have them.

There is 30 completed quilts and 22 quilt tops that need quilting. Luckily, Mama taught me to quilt 30 years or so ago. My sister never learned and has no desire to learn so she just tossed any quilt top to my pile without even glancing at them. They are all just as beautiful as a painted picture just waiting to be framed!!!

I just had to tell everyone what Mama left me! I usually hang out on the Rose forums and at The Kitchen Table but I knew everyone here would really understand the legacy Mama left me. What a fortune in love Mama gave and with every stitch more love is given.

I remember Mama sitting and making every single quilt or quilt top. Her little hands busy stitching.

I can not wait to quilt these tops. I know Mama would be proud!


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