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Buying used furniture for second home--and repainting

12 years ago

We are buying second home in FL--built in 77, 4/2/2--with remodeled kitchen and original baths--8 ft ceilings.

We will have the entire interior repainted before putting any furniture in

we are likely going to shop consignment/second hand stores for lot of stuff except mattresses and big upholstered furniture--

we want a more beachy look than the current owners are using...

the house has 2000 sq ft but because it has 4 bedrooms and a utility room and decent closets, the bedrooms are small...

the kitchen remodel involved taking down a wall and creating an open floor space in the main living/dining areas and those ceilings are somewhat higher...there is good cross lighting there as well...

IF we do buy various styles of furniture including some wicker/rattan seating pieces as we anticipate...there would be a pretty electic unify the look and make the rooms look bigger--

would it be better to paint all furniture a shade lighter than the wall color if we go with white walls and trim so that the furniture blends into the walls to make rooms seem bigger?

To me it makes sense to have all furniture the same color of white unless a piece might have really attractive wood grain/finish to keep

We are also considering using color on walls/ceilings--maybe a light sandy tan with contrast white trim but can't really decide until we are actually IN the house--

we are buying it w.o actually doing personal visit...lots of reasons why although I know it seems pretty foolish...

I think the 8 ft ceilings have pretty heavy texture as well which I would like to cover with beadboard in most rooms.

I don't think my husband will agree to spend money for that right away...

any suggestions on paint color for furniture if you have done lot of white furniture--

some web sites say not to use a glossy finish--that matte really works better for furniture...

any opinion as to the different sheens?

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