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Window Trim Next to Crown Molding Staining ?

13 years ago

I have previously stripped/stained window trim, so know the work involved. My question is in our Master Bedroom, I want to strip/stain one window as another window is also stained, and DH would not be happy if I painted it. The room is on our main floor, and all the other windows and bottom trim pieces are stained, and I would like this room to match...I especially don't want 1 stained window and 1 painted window!

The problem is the top window trim piece is in line with the upper crown molding pieces. I don't have the gumption to strip and stain the upper crown molding, and it wouldn't match the rest of the house anyway.

Is it okay to have that white(ish) trim but up to a stained window? Would it look extremely odd? I have a bedroom set coming in on Wednesday, and the bed almost has to go below this smaller window. I really don't think I would like it still being white.

Honest opinions please :)

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